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Have a plan, not just a stack of


Putting your affairs in order is crucial, yet an alarming number of people don’t take the necessary steps. Estate planning should be simple, fast, and convenient.

With EP Navigator, it is.

Our online analytics guide you every step of the way, helping create a secure estate plan to protect you and your loved ones.

Estate planning isn’t just about creating a set of documents left to sit; it’s about maintaining, funding, and settling them when the time comes.

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Track and communicate with those you name in your estate plan



Ensuring your wishes are carried out when the time comes



Create, execute, and fund your estate plan specific to your needs



Helping you know how and when to amend your estate plan as life circumstances change

Rather than hiring expensive lawyers to create the documents,

or trying to muddle through the tedious task yourself, EP Navigator asks you simple questions you already know the answer to and we do the rest.

Create the secure documents you need to protect you, your assets, and your loved ones

We’re with you no matter what life throws your way. When you sign up with EP Navigator, you are building a lifelong relationship, one where we guide you through the changes in life both big and small.

How We've Made It Simple

We have taken the estate planning process and made it simpler and more affordable. With our service you will be able to:


Simple Questions

Answer simple questions that will allow EP Navigator to advise you on the documents you need and seamlessly create them for you.


Secure Cloud Storage

Access your documents on our secure cloud storage.


Easily Update

Easily update, keeping your estate planning documents relevant to you.


We're with you

We will be there every step of the way, helping you update your documents as your life changes.

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