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A power of attorney empowers someone to make financial decisions on your behalf.

Your power of attorney only goes into effect when you are unable to make decisions for yourself. It is crucial to choose a trusted and reliable person to take on this role, someone who understands your financial desires when you are no longer able to convey what those are.

A financial power of attorney allows you to:


Name Your Agent

Identify who will manage your financial affairs in the event you are unable to do so for yourself.


Guarantee Access

Make sure someone you trust can access your bank accounts and other financial assets in case of an emergency.


Avoid Court Intervention

If you become incapable of making your own financial decisions without a power of attorney, a court proceeding is most likely inescapable.

Additionally when you create a POA with

EP Navigator:


A Lawyer is Assigned to Your File

This lawyer comes at no extra cost to you, ensuring your power of attorney is in place for your protection.


Quick and Simple

Anyone who is over 18 can quickly and simply complete their POA, securing it for future use.


Secure Cloud Storage

Your financial POA is readily accessible to anyone you wish, easily stored on our secure cloud storage. This better protects your document against your own mistakes or uncontrollable circumstances (fire, flood, etc.).


Easy Access

Because your document is secured in the cloud, the person you appoint to be your financial power of attorney can more easily access it if necessary.

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