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Provide a sense of security for your loved ones with a living trust.

This ensures a way for your family to easily divide your assets according to your wishes after you have passed. Anyone who owns real estate or has significant wealth should consider creating a living trust.

With a trust you are able to:


Ensure Privacy

Eliminate involvement of the court (probate) as you settle your affairs.


Minimize Estate Taxes

Guarantee you pay the lowest estate tax possible.


Hold Assets in Trust

Ensure your children don’t receive their inheritance until they are mature enough to appreciate and manage wealth they receive.

Additionally when you create a will with

EP Navigator:


A Lawyer is Assigned to Your File

At no extra cost, this lawyer will monitor your estate plan, ensuring documents are created, maintained, funded, and settled correctly.

Secure cloud storage

Protect your documents from human error or unpredictable events (fire, flood, etc.) all while easily accessing them from anywhere through EP Navigator's secure cloud storage.


Sharing Capability

Trying to distribute assets after someone has passed without a trust or even a will is stressful and difficult. Estate Guru makes it easier for you to help your relatives get their estate plan in order before their passing, and allows for easy sharing of these documents.



EP Navigator gives you attorney quality documents at an affordable price for everyone.



When banks or other institutions have questions about funding, you can pull up your trust on most internet connected devices, settling the matter then and there.

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